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The following is the biographical sketch of Yang Xiaodu:

Yang Xiaodu, male, Han ethnicity, was born in October 1953 and is from Shanghai. He began his first job in May 1970 and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in September 1973. He received a graduate education at the Central Party School.

Yang is currently a member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, a member of the CPC Central Committee Secretariat, Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Minister of Supervision, and Director of the National Bureau of Corruption Prevention.

2017- Member, CPC Central Committee Political Bureau

Member, CPC Central Committee Secretariat

Deputy Secretary, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

Minister of Supervision

Director, National Bureau of Corruption Prevention

2016-2017 Deputy Secretary, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

Minister of Supervision

Director, National Bureau of Corruption Prevention (from Jan 2017)

2014-2016 Deputy Secretary, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

2012-2014 Member, Standing Committee of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee

Secretary, CPC Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection

Took a continuing studies course for provincial- and ministerial- level officials at the Central Party School (Nov 2013-Jan 2014)

2006-2012 Standing Committee member and United Front Work Department Head, CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee

2001-2006 Vice Mayor, Shanghai

Attended an in-service graduate program in the science of law at Graduate School, Central Party School (1998-2001)

1998-2001 Vice Chairman, Tibet Autonomous Regional Government

Secretary, Leading Party Members Group, Department of Finance, Tibet Autonomous Region

1995-1998 Director and Leading Party Members Group Deputy Secretary, Department of Finance, Tibet Autonomous Region

1992-1995 Deputy Secretary, CPC Qamdo Prefectural Committee, Tibet Autonomous Region

Deputy Commissioner, Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region

1986-1992 Deputy Commissioner, Nagqu Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region

Took a one-year training course for young and middle-aged officials at the Central Party School (1988-1989)

1984-1986 Secretary, Party Committee of the Nagqu Prefectural Hospital, Tibet Autonomous Region

1976-1984 Section Chief; Deputy Manager; and Party Branch Secretary, Nagqu Prefectural Pharmaceutical Company, Tibet Autonomous Region

1973-1976 Studied science of medicine at Department of Science of Medicine, Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

1970-1973 Educated youth, Gaomiao Brigade, Songji Commune, Taihe County, Anhui Province

Member, Political Bureau member, and Secretariat member, 19th CPC Central Committee

Member, 18th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

Elected Standing Committee member and Deputy Secretary of the 18th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in January 2014

Member, Standing Committee member, and Deputy Secretary, 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

Member, 11th CPPCC National Committee

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